Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving to Wordpress

The Herriford Harbinger has moved from Blogger to Wordpress.
Our new address is
I look forward to staying connected at our new home.

In Him,
Greg Herriford (Teen Mission, USA)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update from French Guiana

Things have been great in French Guiana. We arrived on Thursday, Oct 22 and will be leaving for home on Thursday, Oct 29th.

Our team wrapped up the convention today (Oct 27th).
Dr John Caldwell (IN) did an outstanding job leading most of the men's sessions. Alex Hill (FL) also helped as well as preaching several times in the evening. Danita Clark (OH) held sessions for the ladies and Ryan Hall (OH) gave lessons on music.

I led a workshop on elders on Friday (Oct 23rd) and another one on church leaders on Monday (Oct 26th).
In addition, I've preached three times.
On Saturday night (Oct 24th), I preached at the English-speaking church. The worship was lively & good. My sermon was on overcoming fear (Peter getting out of the boat & walking on water to Jesus). We had a good response with four coming forward for prayer.
On Sunday (Oct 25th), I preached twice at one of the French-speaking churches.

Please keep the English church in your prayers. They have a chance to buy two acres of land just outside of Cayenne. They desperately need a building of their own.

God bless,
Greg Herriford (Teen Mission, USA)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Return to French Guiana

I am very excited about being a part of an upcoming ministry project in FRENCH GUIANA. French Guiana is a small country on the northern coast of South America. It is an overseas territory of France.

I knew very little about the country until I was invited to take part in mission work there in October, 2007.
Dr Wesley Stepp, director of the Bible Institute for Christian Missions, invited me to help him put together a three-day convention in Cayenne, French Guiana (the capital city). The convention was called, “First Journey,” as it was the first time for much of the audience to hear about the church in the Bible.

Wesley and I have put together a team to go back there and help with a 2nd Convention. This year's theme will be "Kept by His Power." The convention dates are October 23-27, 2009.

While there, I’ll be preaching at both English & French (through translators) churches and doing workshops on church leadership.

We will be leaving the USA on Thursday, October 22nd and returning back home on Thursday, October 29th.

Please keep me and the work in your prayers. I hope to tell you more about it when I return.

God bless,
Greg Herriford (Teen Mission, USA)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Banquet Update

The annual Teen Mission, USA, Banquet was held on October 15, 2009, at Gardenside Christian Church in Lexington, KY. We were blessed to have over 150 people in attendance.

The program featured inspirational music from the Messengers quartet along with a ministry update by TM, USA. Our program also involved honoring two great friends of Teen Mission’s ministry.

Wayne B Smith and Leonard Stone were both honored with our“Distinguished Servant” award.

Wayne, who served as minister at Southland Christian Church (Lexington, KY) for 40 years, has always been a great friend of Teen Mission. He is well-known for his humor and is often referred to as the "Bob Hope of the Ministry."

Leonard has been involved with many Mission Journeys since 1999. In late 2006, he officially joined the TM staff as the administrator of a new outreach ministry called Global Bible School.
Recently, he left us to pursue another ministry opportunity with White Fields Overseas Evangelism.

I'm happy to report an offering of nearly $7,000 was received at the banquet. Monies given before and after the event will take the offering total to nearly $8,500!

One of the reasons for the banquet is to say THANKS to the many supporters of Teen Mission, USA, who help make this mission/ministry possible. Many of you have kept this ministry going over the years through your prayers, financial support and volunteer help. May God bless you!

In Him,
Greg Herriford (Teen Mission, USA)

Teen Mission Notes (September, 2009)

The fall is here. The month of September went by very fast.
Here's a look back at what happened concerning Teen Mission during the month:

The highlight of the month was attending a conference in Denver, CO, put on by the Christian Leadership Alliance. This summit strives to provide Christian nonprofit leaders with insights and expertise to develop fundraising programs that excel in challenging times. It also provides in-depth training to equip attendees to effectively build resources, both people and finances, for ministry.
I had two classes: Development 101 and Development & the CEO/Board of Directors. The classes and the instructors were both excellent. I felt I learned a lot and have some more tools for effective ministry.
I say thanks again to David Empson (Director of the National Missionary Convention) for inviting me.

FALL BANQUET (10.15.09)
Work on the fall banquet continued during the month of September. The banquet was held last Thursday (Oct 15th). You can read more about the banquet on the next post.

Work on next year's mission trips continued as well.The Mission Journeys web site,, has been updated and has a tentative 2010 list posted.
We decided to do a 9" x 6" card to promote the 2010 Mission Journeys. We'll be mailing them to around 6,500 churches and individuals in mid-October.

In Him,
Greg Herriford (Teen Mission, USA )

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

America's Got Talent Top 10

We're down to the finals in season four of America's Got Talent.
The winner will be announced tonight (9/16) live on NBC.
Here's how I'm ranking the final 10 contestants (1 being the highest):

(10) Drew Stevyns
(09) Grandma Lee
(08) Hairo Torres
(07) Fab Five
(06) Recycled Percussion
(05) Voices of Glory
(04) Lawrence Beamen
(03) Kevin Skinner
(02) Barbara Padillia
(01) Texas Tenors

The Tenors have been among the best on a consistent basis. Barbara has an incredible voice, but can only do opera. The trio from Texas can do a wide range of music and would, in my mind, be a better Las Vegas act. I'm rooting for my fellow Kentuckian Kevin Skinner, but I don't see him taking the top spot.
It's been great. I can't wait for season five.

- Greg Herriford

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teen Mission Notes (August, 2009)

I hope and pray you had a great Labor Day weekend. Here's a look at the recently-completed month of August:

As the month of August began, Kelly, the girls and I took a few days a went to Louisville and southern Indiana. We took in a Louisville Bats game and spent a day at Holiday World in Santa Clause, IN.
I'm not a big amusement park person, but I did like Holiday World. It was very affordable and family friendly. I highly recommend it as a good family destination.
The girls went back to school on Wednesday, August 12th. Kelly went back to work (in a local school's cafeteria) a few days prior.
While the summer is fun, it's good to have the family back in a routine. It's a lot easier on the wallet, too!
Concerning Teen Mission, August is a nice change of pace. It's usually my first chance to catch my breath since the late winter/early spring.
During the month, I was able to have a lot of meetings with folks as we begin looking ahead to the fall and beyond. Here's some of what's been happening with Teen Mission:

Our 2nd call letter went out in early August. In the spring, we had a nice response to our Twice Annual mailing with over $7,500 raised.
Historically, though, the 2nd call letter has not been as well received as the spring one. Regardless, it has given some relief during the late summer/early fall.

FALL BANQUET (10.15.09)
Our annual fall banquet will be Thursday, October 15th at the Gardenside Christian Church Gym (940 Holly Springs Dr; Lexington, KY 40504).
The theme will be: “Honoring the Past…Looking to the Future.”
We’ll have a meal followed by music from the Messengers, a very popular Southern Gospel quartet.
Our program will involve honoring Wayne B Smith, the longtime minister at Southland Christian Church (Lexington, KY), and arguably the most beloved preacher in our brotherhood.
Wayne has always been a great friend of Teen Mission and he was very helpful in getting Ken get Teen Mission “off the ground” in the late 1960s/early 1970s.
We will close the evening's events by updating folks about where Teen Mission is heading with future ministry efforts.

Work on next year's mission trips is already underway.
The Mission Journeys web site,, has been updated and has a tentative 2010 list posted. A 2010 Mission Journey newsletter will be available sometime in late September/early October.

The Teen Mission, USA, quarterly board meeting will be on Monday, September 14, 11:30 am @ Gardenside Christian Church (940 Holly Springs Dr; Lexington KY 40504).

In Him,
Greg Herriford (Teen Mission, USA )