Friday, August 29, 2008

Teen Mission Notes (August, 2008)

The pools are closing, the kids are back in school and football season is just around the corner. Ah, yes, Summer is winding down as we head toward Labor Day weekend.

After a busy summer, August provides me a good time for me to slow down a little and catch my breath.
It's been so relaxing that I looked up and noticed August was almost gone and I hadn't put a single new post on my blog for the entire month!

So here goes...

Earlier this month, Kelly, the girls and I were able to get away for a few days before everyone went back to school. We went up to Cincinnati. While there, we took in an afternoon Reds game (August 6th) and went to Coney Island on Thursday, August 7th. It was a great time.
I enjoyed Coney Island because it was not very crowded, very affordable and brought back memories of the classic amusement parks of yesteryear. In fact, Ken Henderson once did a concert there in the early 1960s, opening up for some of the bigger acts of the day (Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darin, etc). I could not, however, find anyone at Coney Island who remembered that concert. Seriously, I highly recommend Coney Island for a day of good family fun.

School started on Wednesday, August 13th. Autumn and Meredith are now at the same school. Autumn started the 4th grade and Meredith started Kindergarten.
Meredith is still adjusting. She's having a hard time going all day long and she is not too crazy about lunch time being before 11 am and only lasting 20 minutes. She also thinks that some of the teachers are too bossy. Imagine that: teachers telling the kids what to do!

Around the office, I've been wrapping up this year's Mission Journeys while planning for the fall and beyond (2009). Also during the month, we mailed out our 2nd "Twice Annual" letter for the year. The $35 Twice Campaign asks those who can help us to send $35 (or any amount) twice a year to help finance the expanding ministry of TM, USA, Inc. We request the help during our lowest supporting months (early spring and late summer). The timing of this particular call letter is very critical, having just gone through our lowest income months of the year.

The biggest and best news of the month, though, was baptizing my 8-year-old daughter Autumn into Christ on Sunday, August 17th (see picture above). Autumn has been thinking and praying about this since early June. It's rare that I can't put into words how I feel. However, I can't explain how great it feels to see one of your children accept Christ. I THANK God for her decision and pray she will continue to love and serve Him all of her days!

The Teen Mission, USA, quarterly board meeting will be on Monday, September 8, 11:30 am @ Gardenside Christian Church (940 Holly Springs Dr; Lexington KY 40504).

In Him,
Greg Herriford
Associate Director/Teen Mission, USA
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